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Jinfo Mountain day tour

Jinfoshan day tour (Jinfo mountain tours ) Chongqing Jinfo Mountain is located in southeast Chongqing city , 2 hours drive from Chongqing city center Jiefangbei. Scenic features in different seasons Spring : rhododendron flowers Summer : cool weather Autumn: colorful leaves and forests Winter: play snow Qianniuping Ski Field Jinfoshan ski in winter and slide on grass in summer. Morning

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Wulong Longshuixia Difeng

it is the main scenic spot of the World Natural Heritage of Karst in south China, The Difeng was formed by the orogenic movement some millions of years ago. categorized into typical karst landscape, Difeng( 地缝)means a deep crack on the earth. the narrowest place of the bottom is only one meter wide and the widest is around 10 meters

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