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Mt.Qingcheng and Dujiangyan Irrigation project day tour

8:00 am your Dujiangyan and Mt.Qingcheng guide and driver will pick you up from hotel in Chengdu. drive 1.5-2 hours to Dujiangyan Irrigation project. start from Qiyanlou (Qinyan Watchtower) walk down to Erwang temple from Qinyanlou. which is very good point to watch the whole irrgation project . walk down to Anlan Cable bridge-Yuzui fish mouth dike -Sande Spillway-Baopingkou Bottle

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All about Panda

what’s the difference between Chengdu panda base, Dujiangyan Panda base, Wolong panda base and Ya’an Panda base ? how to choose which panda base to visit ? 1.Chengdu panda base : the nearest panda base to Chengdu city, 40 minutes drive from city center. there are about 30 Giant pandas to see in the base . pandas from different ages

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Danba Tibetan villages

Danba has a reputation of the” Land of Thousand Watchtowers” that can be traced back to ancient times, latest at more than 2000 years ago in Han D ynasty. Danba Jiarong Tibetans basic subsistent means include nomadic, half agricultural and half nomadic hybrid and pure agricultural way of life. as an agricultural aarea, Danba( Damba) has been the notorious ”

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