2 days hike in Mt.Emei

Mt.Emei is beautiful , but the most beautiful parts can be only seen by hiking. if you have only one day like most tourists , you have to take bus and cable car up and down, you will miss so much , so please follow us with this routine to explore about Mt.Emei

day 1: Emei tour guide will pick you up from hotel in Emei. walk up from Baoguo Temple to Wuxiangang (五显岗)-Qingyinge -Wannian Temple(万年寺)-Xixiangchi ( Xixiang pool, 洗象池) , night stay in this temple. ( 8 hours walk )

day 2: walk from Xixiangchi ( Xixiang pool, 洗象池-Leidongping 雷动坪 -Golden Summit(jin ding ,金顶) around 4-5 hours walk .

take the cable car down from Golden Summit, walk down to Leidongping parking, take the bus down all the way to Baoguo Temple (2 hours by bus )

take the bus/ train back to Chengdu from Emei station. end the trip.

travel tips for hike in Emei Mountain:

if you do this tour in spring season, you should be aware of the monkeys in Emeishan cause it’s their breeding time they can be anxious .

hiking in Emei requires very good energy , the stairs are quite steep in some parts. you may become sweaty and dry in the wind and sweaty again . so the hiking is only for the people who are strong and who are used to a lot of exercise usually.