Pengzhen old teahouse half day tour(Photography)

Pengzhen old tea house( Guanyinge old tea house ) is located on Pengzhen Old Street. 40km away from Chengdu city.

Pengzhen Old Street is 1.81km, the widest part is 15m, the most narrow part is 7m. it has been built300 years. The street is mainly of wood structure with stylistic changes. It is the concentration of the history, humanity, folk customs and trade of Pengzhen. Right now the area still remains the traditional old tea house- Guanyinge Old Tea house, Traditional way for cutting hair, a blacksmith’s shop.

It is the most favourite place for many photographers . You will feel yourself transcending time and space to Chairman Mao’s period. men surrounding you smoke with long pipes , many of them are over 70 and quite a few are over 80 years old.

travel tips for Guanyinge old tea house early in the morning , otherwise you will see such view—-