Dazu Rock Carvings Day tour

Both Baoding and Beishan Rock Carvings

Dazu Rock Carvings one day tour

brief introduction of Dazu Rock Carvings

Dazu Rock Carvings comprise the g rotto arts in Dazu County, featuring numerous cliffside scuptures. Cross the county there are over 75 sites of protected grottoes with more than 50,000 statues and 100,000 inscriptions. As one major element of Chinese grotto arts, Dazu Rock Carvings are known to the whole world for its l arge scale, refined carvings, diversified themes, and preservation thereof.

in 650, people begin to make rock carving thrived f rom late Tang Dynasty thhrough Southern Song Dynasty (late 900s t o mid 1300s) .the 170 years from 1078 to 1252 witnessed the phenomenal development of rock carving in Dazu.

since 885 when the government of Changzhou Prefecture moved there, Dazu had become the center of politics, economy and culture for approximately 400 years, leading to social stability, prosperity and popularity of Buddhism, which gave rise to rock carvings.

Dazu Rock Carvings featured national characters and ordinary life and constitutes with Dunhuang, Yungang, and Longmen Grottoes a complete history of Chinese Grotto Arts.


morning 8:00 , Chongqing tour guide and driver will pick you up from Chongqing hotel . drive 2 hours to Dazu Baoding Rock Carvings

thousand-hand Buddha in Dazu Rock Carvings

around two hours visit Baoding Dazu Rock Carvings .

12:00 Lunch

afternoon drive half an hour to Beishan ( north Mountain) Rock Carvings

around 2 hours in the site

drive back to Chongqing hotel at around 17:30 , finish the tour