Jinfo Mountain day tour

Jinfoshan day tour (Jinfo mountain tours )

Chongqing Jinfo Mountain is located in southeast Chongqing city , 2 hours drive from Chongqing city center Jiefangbei.

Scenic features in different seasons

Spring : rhododendron flowers

Summer : cool weather

Autumn: colorful leaves and forests

Winter: play snow

Qianniuping Ski Field

Jinfoshan ski in winter and slide on grass in summer.

Morning 8:00 am , Your Chongqing tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel , then drive 2 hours to Jinfo Mountain .

Jinfoshan day tour routine:

8:00 am , your Chongqing tour guide and driver will pick you up from Chongqing hotel . drive 2 hours to Jinfo Mountain.

take the Jinfo Mountain cable car up. follow this routine :

West gate of Jinfo Mountain- sightseeing bus -cable car -Buddha Viewing Pavillion( Guanfoting)-Golden Tortoise Scenic Spot (金龟朝阳-Jingui chao Yang ) -Cliff Plan Road( 绝壁栈道-Juebi zhandao ) -Swallow Cave(燕子洞)-Lingguan Cave( 灵官洞)-Yangkou Cave(羊口洞)-Stone forest( 生态石林)-Jinfo Temple(金佛寺)-Gufo Cave (古佛洞)-cable car down- sightseeing bus-Jinfoshan west gate

Finish JInfo Mountain and drive back to Chongqing hotel .