Wulong Natural Three Bridges Day tour

Wulong Natural Three Bridges are national AAAAA class tourist attraction and geological park, in 2007 it was listed as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO.

some scenes of the movies ” Curse of the Golden Flower “directed by Zhang Yimou and “Transformers: Age of Extinction ” were filmed here. the most attractive part of the scenic spot is presented by three natural stone bridges with grand scale. the average hight of the bridges is over 300 meters and the span lengths are all more than 500 meters. cliffs are several hundred meters high and stand upright, springs and brooks are flowing, birds sing and flowers are bllming. the mountain, rivers, waterfalls, c anyons and bridges make up a beautiful picture together .

entrance : 120 rmb

nearest airport : Chongqing Jiangbei airport ( 3.5 hours drive)

to Chongqing city center : 3 hours drive ( to Jiefangbei)

Tour Itinerary

7:30 am , your Chongqing tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel. drive 3 hours to Wulong Xiannv town ,Tiankeng Difeng tourist Center

take the sightseeing bus at the center. drive 30 minutes to Natural Three Bridges (Tianshengsanqiao天生三桥)

walk to the glass plank road , it’s a very good point to take photos of the whole crater. then walk to the sightseeing elevator –Tianfu Guanyi-Qinglong Bridge-Heilong Bridge-Bus stop , from here you can transfer bus to Longshuixia Difeng if you still have time .

take the bus half an hour to the tourist center.

drive from Wulong to Chongqing hotel 2.5-3 hours , end the trip .