Mountain Emei is located on the south edge of the Sichuan basin, 2.5hours drive from Chengdu city and 45 minutes drive from Leshan Giant Buddha. the highest Wanfo Peak is 3099 meters and the Golden Summit is 3079m.

Mt.Emei is famous for the natural scenery, Buddhist culture with a long history, rich animal and plant resources and unique geologic landforms.

there are three layers of Mt.Emei to visit (how to visit Mt.Emei) the foot of Mt.Emei area

Baoguo Temple :it is located at the foot of Emei mountain. the temple was buit in Ming Dynasty and was originally known as Huizhong Hall, which means the convergence of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. the temple has 5 layers.

Fuhu Temple( 伏虎寺 ) only nuns in this temple , it is well know to Chinese for written in Jinyong (金庸)’s kungfu novel about the Emei Kungfu , and it was made into movies and TV many times . so everry Chinese come to see it.

half mountain-Wannian temple area Wannian Temple has the elevation of 1020m, and it was built in Jin Dynasty. it is made of beam and bricks . the hall enshrines the statue of Samantabhadra riding n a white elephant with 6 teeth. the famous poet in Tang Dynasty Libai once has lived in this temple . he wrote poems of Emei mountain . Qingyin Pavilion, has the elevation of 710m and located at the junction of Black River and White River blow Nuiyi Hill of Mountain Emei.

top mountain -Golden Summit , Golden Peak is centered by the 48m gold statue of Samantabhadra( Puxian ) mountain -Golden Summit , Golden Peak is centered by the 48m gold statue of Samantabhadra( Puxian ). if the weather is good, you can watch the four wonders of Emei : Sunrise , cloud sea, light of Buddha and sacred lamp.

how to plan your trip in Emei mountain

A. if you have 1 day to visit Emei , you may do as follows : take the sightseeing bus from the foot of the mountain ( Baoguo Temple bus station ) up to Leidongping bus station( around 2 hours ) . then walk 30 minutes to the cable car station. take the cable car around 5 minutes . then walk 20 minutes to the Golden Summit ( same way down )

a.if you still have time this day, take the bus down to Wannian Parking from Leidongping parking. take the Wannian cable car up , then walk 10 minutes to Wannian Temple .

two ways to go down to Baoguo bus station :

(1) walk down from Wannian temple to Wuxiangang bus staion, take the bus from Wuxiangang bus staiton -Baoguo temple . finish the tour

(2) cable car / walk down from Wannian Temple to Wannian parking. bus down to Baoguo bus station. finish the tour

b. you can take the bus down from Leidongping parking directly to Baoguo Temple bus station finish the tour .

you can take the same way by cable car down to Wannian

B.if you have two days and want to hike all the way up from the foot of Emei to Golden Summit .

walk from Baoguo temple-Wannian Temple – Xixiang chi-Leidongping-Golden Sumit

first day 8 hours walk

second day 5 hours walk . and then bus down all the way.