Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha is the largest sitting buddha in the world, with the height of 71meters, situated in Leshan city, 160km away from Chengdu city.

History of Leshan Giant Buddha

at the conjunction of three rivers: Dadu River, Min River and Qingyi River, Leshan Giant Buddha wis carved in Tang Dynasty(713 -803 A.D) with the manpower and material rersources raised by Monk Haitong ,when it’s built to shoulder, Haitong passed away and the project was stopped. ten years later, the governor of Sichuan Zhangchou Jianqiong , donated his salary for building the buddha. the government also granted taxes from tobacco and salt to build it.When the budda was built to knees, Zhangchou Jianqiong got a promotion in Chang’an , the project was stopped again. 40 years later, Weigao, another governor, also donated his salary and finnaly finished the construction.

Lying Giant Buddha

if you take a boat to visit the Giant Buddha, you will also see the lying buddha formed by the mountains. the head- Wuyou Mountain, the body-Lingyun Mountain, the feet-Dongyan Mountain. Leshan Giant Buddha is sitting right at the heart of the Lying giant buddha, makes the wonder :Buddha in Buddha