Mt.Qingcheng is situated in the southwest of Dujiangyan, 66Km away from Chengdu city . it is listed as the world culture heritage in 2000. there are many dense green trees all year round. Mt.Qingcheng is the cradle of Chinese Taoism .

Jianfu Temple

located at the foot of Mt.Qingcheng, built premitively in the year 724 A.D. but this one we see was rebuilt after Wenchuan earthquake in 2008.

Yuecheng Lake

you can take a boat here to the cable car station . the view is like a fairy land .

Shangqinggong ( Shangqing Palace)

Shangqing gong was originally built in Jin Era( 265-316 A.D.) the current onme was rebuilt in Qing Dynasty ( 1862-1874 ) there is guesthouse in this temple you can stay here after all tourists have gone, it becomes so quiet and calm.

Laojun Pavillion

Laojun ge is on the top of Mt.Qingcheng .

the movie Kungfu Panda got inspirations from Mt.QIngcheng.the movie is full of Sichuan elements. the crew of dreamworks team came here photographed a lot of materials at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base and Qingcheng Mountain. As a result of this trip to Sichuan, the Kungfu panda crew set up the Panda Village in the film in Qingcheng Mountain.

the Kungfu panda crew found the Taoist Master to show them Qingcheng Kungfu.