Kangding-Xinduqiao-Tagong-Danba-Mt.Siguniang loop tour(6 days )

day 1: Chengdu-Ya’an Bifengxia -Kangding (4 hours ) , visit Mugecuo

Yaan Bifengxia has two parks you need to pay entrance :

  1. panda base and Bifengxia Gorge are in one park , 118 rmb.
  2. Bifengxia wild zoo . here you can get on the bus to feed tigers, bears and lions. you will go through the birds’ habitat. the alpacas will follow you for food .180rmb

day 2: Kangding Mugecuo -Xinduqiao , pass by Zheduo Mountain ,4298米

Kangding is the center for culture, politics , transportation and trading of Garze( Ganzi in Pin yin) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. there are nations of Han , Hui, Yi, Qiang etc. Gongga( Kongka ) mountain (7550 m ) is located in kangding, Luding and Jiulong three counties .

Mugecuo has lakes ,waterfalls, valleys and hot springs .you can have foot spa in Mugecuo , and taste the toufu egg which is cooked by the natural hot springs .

day 3: Xinduqiao-Tagong Grassland, Tagong Monastery-Danba , pass by Yala Snow mountain ( 5820 )

Tagong Monastery is said to be built in the year 641.

day 4: Danba , afternoon drive 3 hours to Mt.Siguniang

day 5: Changping Valley Hiking , Changping Valley horse Riding, Siguniang Moutnain horse Riding. Destination is Muluozi, altitude 3650m.

Changping Valley is where you can see the four peaks of Mt.Siguniang.

the routine is : take the sightseeing bus in Changping Valley service center . around 20 minutes to the entrance of Changping Valley.

Lama Temple-Kushutan-Pomiu Peak -Xiageluo Glacier-Red Stone -Muluozi, the most beautiful part is in Muluozi . one way is about 10 km, so for both ways it is 20 km, in total around 7-8 hours , a full day for hiking .

if you are not good at hiking, you can also rent a horse , Changping Valley is the only one you can do horse riding . the local Tibetans have the horses and they will try to guard you for all the trip.

长坪沟全天徒步, 骑马

喇嘛寺-枯树滩-婆缪风-夏格洛冰川-红石阵-木骡子 ( 回来是沿路返回),最漂亮的地方在木骡子,海拔3650M

day 6: Shuangqiao Valley (4-5 hours) , drive back to Chengdu (4.5-5 hours )

how to visit Shuangqiao Valley, 双桥沟怎么玩?

take the bus 40 minutes from the entrance of Shuangqiao Valley to the last stop Hongshan Lin( Red Wood Forest)- then take the hip on hip off bus down , you can get off for each site then, and get back to the buses.

Red Wood Forest-Budala peak- Sigula Lake -Nianyu Ba-Rensen GuoPing-Wuse Mountain.