Dujiangyan Irrigation Project

Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, constructed by Libing as a local governor of the Shu State who organized local people to complete the project in 256 BC, is the oldest and only surviving no-dam irrigation project in the world. Dujiangyan Irrigation Project is the world cultural heritage.

there are three main projects inside Dujiangyan Lidui Park :

1.Yuzui Diversion Dike , the shape is like a fish mouth so called ” Yuzui “, it divides the river into two branches, outer river , the main branch of the Min River which is a natural riverway , the function is to discharge from plenty of floods when it is rainny. Inner river is a man-excavated riverway by Libing who led local people made it. it achieves magical function of dividing water into 40% and 60% of water , and adjust the proportion of inner and outer river. it also can desilt the sand of 20% and 80% so that the river constantly flows into Chengdu plain for irrigation and driking.

2. Baopingkou Water Inlet

how Dujiangyan ‘s Baopingkou works ?

the shape of Baopingkou is like a bottle, so called ” Baopingkou” .two thousand years ago, Libing excavated the total inlet of inner river 40m in length and 20 meters in width, by means of primitive of accumulated firewoods to burn stones and scientific theory of expansion with heat and contraction with cold. Baopingkou is a key tfor inner water flowing to Chengdu Plain and strictly controls the flux water , after Baopingkou, the inner river is divided into more rivers like a fan, through drainage like dense network

3. Feishan Spillway

when the water volume of the Inner River exceeds the upper limit of bottle inlet, the excess water will overflow from the Feisha sand spillway ; in the case of the extraordinary flood, it will break the levee by itself, allowing a large amount of river water to return to the outriver .

except the three main projects, there are also other sites inside Lidui Park

Erwang Temple : located iat the foot of Yulei Mountain. to commemorate Libing and his son.

Qinyan Tower: 5 floors of watch tower, many national leaders have visited here like Chairman Mao, Deng Xiaoping etc. standing here you will see the whole view of Dujiangyan Irrigation project

Fulong Temple : an outstanding representative of ancient buildings of Dujiangyan.

South Bridge: outside Lidui Park ,located streching over inner river. it had been damaged many times in the history, this one was built in Qing dynasty 1878.

other than all these historical sites,Dujiangyan Lidui Park has many bonsais . the bonsai garden is very beautiful.