Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve

“It is the most beautiful snow mountain in the world ” –Joseph F.Rock, an Austrian-American explorer, geographer, linguist and botanist who explored the Tibetan borderlands of Sichuan and Yunnan in the 1920s and 30s.

James Hilton ,inspired by reading the National Geographic Magazine articles of Joseph Rock, he wrote 《Lost Horizon》, and to invent “Shangri-La”

there are three most famous snow peaks in Yading senic spot : 仙乃日Xiannairi (Chinese pinyin)6032m, she is the appreance of Guanyin Boddhisatva, 夏洛多吉 Xianuoduoji 5958m, Jingangshou boddhisatva; 央迈勇 ( Yangmaiyong) 5958m -Wenshu Boddhisatva  

travel tips for Daocheng Yading ( how to plan your trip in Daocheng Yading)

if you want to hike in Daocheng Yading, usually you need 2 days :

day 1: the short valley : bus from Daocheng Yading entrance –Zhaguanbeng( 40 minutes drive ) –walk to Chonggu temple -Zhuomalacuo Lake ( 4080m ) the snow mountain is Xiannairi 仙乃日

day 2: Bus from Daocheng Yading entrance to Zhaguanbeng 扎灌崩 walk to Chonggu temple 冲古寺, take the electronic bus to Luorong Pasture 洛绒牛场 -walk to Milk Lake ( 牛奶海)and Wuse Lake (五色海) 4700m