Daocheng Yading 4-day tour fly from Chengdu

Day 1: Chengdu -Daocheng by flight ( morning flight )

CA4215 Chengdu Shuangliu airport – Daocheng Yading airport (8:15-9:25)

CZ 8647 Chengdu Shuangliu airport -Daocheng Yading airport (9:55-11:10 )

Daocheng Yading airport pick up, your guide and driver will meet you at the airport , then drive around 3 hours to Shangri-la town( Riwa town ) , pass by Haizi Mountain (4500-5020m) .

rest in Riwa town ( Shangri-la town ) , acclimate the altitude (2700-3500m)

Day 2: Daocheng Yading , short valley, Destination -Pearl Lake ,Xiannairi Mountain .

the short valley : bus from Daocheng Yading entrance –Zhaguanbeng( 40 minutes drive ) –walk to Chonggu temple -Zhuomalacuo Lake ( 4080m ) the snow mountain is Xiannairi 仙乃日

day 3: sightseeing Bus from Daocheng Yading entrance to Zhaguanbeng 扎灌崩 walk to Chonggu temple 冲古寺, take the electronic bus to Luorong Pasture 洛绒牛场 -walk to Milk Lake ( 牛奶海)and Wuse Lake (五色海) 4700m

day 4 : pick up from Shangri-la town ( Riwa town ) -drop you at the Daocheng Yading airport .