Mt.Siguniang is located in Xiaojin County of north Sichuan province, about 5 hours drive from Chengdu . the scenery spot covers an area of 591k m2 ,

Mount Siguniang encompasses four peaks (with Feng 峰 meaning ‘peak’): Daguniang Feng 大姑娘峰 (Big Peak or 1st peak), Erguniang Feng 二姑娘峰 (2nd peak), Sanguniang Feng 三姑娘峰 (3rd peak), and Yaomei Feng。
The highest peak is Yāomèi Fēng (幺妹峰; ‘peak of the youngest sister’), also known as the “Queen of Sichuan’s peaks” (蜀山皇后), standing at 6,250 m (20,510 ft). It is also the second highest mountain in Sichuan Province and the easternmost 6,000 m (20,000 ft) or higher peak on Earth.

the scenic spot is composed of Mt.Siguniang, Shuangqiao Valley(双桥沟), Changping Valley and Haizi Valley. .

There are 61 snow peaks above an elevation of 5000m in Mt.Siguniang area. the mountains are clustered with 25 high lakes. 120 w aterfalls . among the mountains . it’s a paradise for mountain climbers, hikers , Eden for photographers . Mt.Siguniang

Mt.Siguniang is regarded as ” a snow mountain museum, an ancient tree show room, a botanic exhibition. more than 1550 species of wild animals, the hibitat of giant pandas and golden monkeys.

Jiarong TIbetans

around Mt.Siguniang live the Jiarong Tibetans for many generations .Due to the occlusive geographical environment, the economy is relatively underdeveloped, while the traditional culture is kept intact. the national ethnic custom is more primitive, ancient and mysterious. Jiarong Tibetan embraces Bon religion, worshipping such things as heaven, earth, sun, moon, plants, birds, and beasts, they believe that the deities are everywhere.

Jiarong Tibetans are good at singing and dancing. Pilgrimage Festival is held on lunar fourth day of May annully ,Tibetans from far and near will carry highland barley wine, beef and mutton on their backs to Chaoshanping to pray from Mt.Siguniang. they are dressed in costumes, singing and dancing, p ray fro quiet and peace and a bumper grain harvest.

Outdoor Sports in Mt.Siguniang area :

Mt.Siguniang is abundant of mountain tourism resources. many outdoor activities could be held:

  1. mountaineering. for technical climbing : Yaomei Peak, Pommiao Peak, Luotuo Peak, for leisure climbing : Dafeng, ErFeng and San Feng
  2. Passing -through : Changping Valley-Bipeng Valley , Shuangqiao Valley-Changping Valley
  3. Camping :Changping Valley and Haizi Valley are most s uitable for camping .
  4. Ice Climbing : most are in Shuangqiao Valley , more than 100 ice walls from different levels of difficulty available .
  5. Rock Climbing: most in Shuangqiao Valley , right now just a few lines
  6. Driffting : in Shuangqiao Valley, leisure and rapid types .
  7. Mountain bike: in Shuangqiao Valley

entrance tickets for Mt.Siguniang

Shuangqiao Valley: 80rmb , sightseeing bus 70/rmb

Changping Valley : 70rmb , sightseeing bus : 20 rmb , horse riding : 320 rmb or less depending on the distance

Haizi Valley : 60 rmb