Jiuzhaigou Huanglong tour (2 days)

Day 1: Jiuzhaigou park

morning your driver and guide will pick you up from Jiuzhaigou hotel

Jiuzhaigou is like a letter “Y” , there are three valleys to visit , the righ side is Rize Valley, the lelft valley is Zechawa Valley. the bottom is Shuzheng valley.

  1. visit the right valley-Rize Valley . get on the from Jiuzhaigou park entrance to the Virgin Forest.

Virgin Forest-Swan Lakes by bus . -Arrow Bamboo Lake -walk to Panda Lake -bus to Five Flower Lake, walk around Five Flower Lake

bus from Five Flower Lake to Pearl Shoals, walk to Pearl Shoals Waterfall-walk to Mirrow Lake parking

2. Zezhawa ( Zechawa ) Valley

Mirrior Lake Parking -Nuorilang center , transfer bus to the end of Rize Valley- Long Lake , walk from Long lake to Five Colored Pool. bus to Nuorilang-Rhinoceros Lake-Bonsai Shoals

3. Shuzheng Valley

the order can be also 2-1-3 . in a peak season, to go which valley is directed by the bus operator. the drivers may only know until they get to the Nuorilang center .

finish Jiuzhaigou day tour, take the bus to the exit , driver will drop you at the exit 

Day 2: Huanglong National Park

morning tour guide and driver will pick you up from Jiuzhaigou park . drive 2.5 hours to Huanglong park

take the cable car up , walk to the top of Huanglong Park through the forest ( aorund 1.5 hours )

walk down from the top to the entrance of Huanglong park , around 2.5 hours walking down along the terrace of the colorful lakes .

hote drop off or Jiuzhaigou -Huanglong airport drop off after this .

ask for more tour information , please contact Aline.guide@gmail.com