how to travel in Jiuzhaigou ( Jiuzhaigou travel tips)

if you have one day to spend in Jiuzhaigou, here is a rough guideline:

by looking at JIuzhaigou park map with the following content:

A. get the bus to the Virgin Forest , take the bus down to Arrow Bamboo Lake( skip Swan Lake which is just so so) . walk from Arrow Bamboo Lake to Panda Lake.

bus from Panda Lake to Five Flower Lake. walk around at Five Flower Lake

bus from Five Flower Lake to Pearl Shoal beach, walk down to Pearl Shoals Waterfall. then walk to Mirrow Lake Parking.

bus from Mirrow Lake Parking to Nuorilang Center, transfer bus to Long Lake ( Changhai ).

B. bus from Nuorilang center to Long Lake ( Changhai ). walk from Long lake to Five-colored Pool. get the bus back to Rhinoceros Lake.

the rest are hop on hip off by bus.

bus from the last stop to Jiuzhiagou exit.

if you have two days :

you may visit Rize Valley on the first day , Zezhawa Valley and Shuzheng Valley on the second day , walk as much as you can on the other side of the road other than bus .