All about Panda


what’s the difference between Chengdu panda base, Dujiangyan Panda base, Wolong panda base and Ya’an Panda base ? how to choose which panda base to visit ?

1.Chengdu panda base : the nearest panda base to Chengdu city, 40 minutes drive from city center. there are about 30 Giant pandas to see in the base .

pandas from different ages ( 1 year, 2-years, 3 years to adults ) all can be seen here . the most important is the new -born babies can be seen if you visit Chengdu panda base during Jun to Nov( the rest of the months babies may be growing too big already .

you can also see around 20-30 red pandas in Chengdu panda base .

2. Dujiangyan Panda base : 1.5h drive from Chengdu city center .

you can see about 20 giant pandas in Dujiangyan panda base. no new born babies to see. but you can do volunteer work ( or panda keeper experience ) in Dujiangyan panda base . which is to feed the pandas, clean their cages , prepare the bamboo , make panda cakes for them . you may do some mutual activities with the panda

3. Wolong Panda base: further than Chengdu panda base and Dujiangyan panda base both , 2-2.5 hours drive from Chengdu city .

you can see about 30-40 pandas here . you can also do volunteer work in Wolong panda base. and usually less people than Dujiangyan Panda base.

4. Ya’an Panda base . 3 hours drive from Chengdu, usually we take 2 days to visit here otherwise too much time sitting on the way for one day tour. and if there is traffic on the way. at least half an hour trapped in the traffic.