Danba Tibetan villages

Danba has a reputation of the” Land of Thousand Watchtowers” that can be traced back to ancient times, latest at more than 2000 years ago in Han D ynasty. Danba Jiarong Tibetans basic subsistent means include nomadic, half agricultural and half nomadic hybrid and pure agricultural way of life. as an agricultural aarea, Danba( Damba) has been the notorious ” Tibetan-Yi Corridor” , in the past history, many ethnic nationalities have been engaged in frequent warfare to struggle for protect land , thus the ancient watchtower , for both military and civilian applications, cambe into being. the event of Emperor Qianlong attacking Jinchuan ” in Mid-Qing Dynasty represented the function of watchtowers.

Danba Jiaju Tibetan Villages are located along the bank of Dajin River . it presents the concept that upholds the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.